Every Scene Has a Story to Tell and AEI Corporation Reads Every Detail

Since 2005, AEI’s experts have used their expertise to help determine the causes of incidents for a broad spectrum of clients

We take our jobs seriously because we understand what is at stake for our clients. Our goal is to deliver answers and the proof to back them up. Click on the following AEI services in the following areas to see more:

  • Carbon Monoxide: The licensed engineers at AEI have investigated hundreds of carbon monoxide incidents across the country. We have state-of-the-art combustion analyzers for field and lab testing all types of gas appliances.
  • Chemical: AEI follows a systematic, scientific approach across all stages of discovery, including initial site investigation, laboratory examination, and evidence analysis. Understanding the root cause of a chemical-related incident helps our clients make informed decisions on how to handle the claim and prevent future recurrence.
  • Electrical: Our extensive knowledge of U.S. and international codes, standards, and work practices gives us the ability to reconstruct, examine, analyze data and perform root cause analysis for a more comprehensive investigation.
  • Fire & Explosion: Our team of CFI/CFEI certified investigators and licensed engineers investigate fires and explosions across a broad spectrum of disciplines that include mechanical, electrical/electronics, chemical, and fire suppression and protection. We are experts in determining origin and cause for residential, commercial, industrial, motor vehicle, agricultural and incendiary fires as well as explosions.
  • Fire Protection: When fire protection systems fail, our job is to determine why. With the number of potential causative factors, including building design, smoke detection, alarms, and suppression systems, these investigations are anything but simple. A wide range of disciplines and expertise are often necessary to properly evaluate and investigate these cases.
  • Materials Science: AEI has the materials science expertise to examine interactions between differing materials and environmental conditions, and how these interactions and conditions contribute to material failures at the heart of an incident.
  • Mechanical: AEI is equipped to perform specialized in-house and field testing. AEI’s analysis includes detailed examination and documentation, product and standards research, and testing. This expertise allows us to trace cause back to factors such as design and manufacturing defects, equipment misuse, improper installation, or lack of maintenance.
  • Oil & Gas: At AEI, we understand the unique technology of oil and gas equipment and how factors such as pipeline overload, material fatigue, critical wear, improper repair, lack of maintenance, and operator error can lead to a wide array of accidents involving equipment malfunctions, drilling rig accidents, and gas leaks associated with fires and explosions.
  • Pyrotechnics: We are equipped to address all types of incidents common to pyrotechnic and fireworks-related accidents including close-proximity and outdoor professional firework displays, consumer fireworks and pyrotechnic devices, device construction and chemical composition; manufacturing, storage and transportation, and regulatory issues and code compliance.
  • Laboratory & Facility Solutions: AEI is located on a 2.5 acre secured lot at the end of a cul-de-sac. This allows for outdoor full-scale testing and fire cause evaluation. A few times each year, AEI hosts live burns and educational presentations for the marketplace and community at its facility.
  • Expert Witness Testimony: The professionals at AEI Corporation are fully qualified to provide expert witness testimony for cases heard in state and federal courts. We can provide testimony that pertains to our investigation of your case or act as a subject matter expert for any of the forensic investigation areas for which we provide services.
  • Standard of Care: At AEI, our experts have extensive knowledge of codes and standards, and decades of experience with the custom and practice and standard of care in a wide range of industries.
  • Forensic Imaging & Animations: AEI Corporation is dedicated to providing state-of-the art, advanced approaches to forensic site documentation of accident sites through various forensic imaging techniques. Further, we are always striving to better provide tools used to convey the information to our clients and future jurors.

What do Forensic Engineers Do?

The key to determining the cause of an incident is knowing how to read the clues. The licensed engineers and consultants at AEI Corporation have over 175 years of combined experience in forensic engineering and investigations. We are also equipped to handle a full range of testing and analysis and provide expert testimony if necessary. People call us when they need answers they can rely on.

One of the World's Elite Forensic Engineering Companies

The strength of AEI is the breadth of the experience and expertise of our multi-disciplinary team of licensed forensic engineers and investigators. They have led investigations all over the world and provide expertise that spans from initial field inspection, to laboratory examinations, to expert witness testimony.

John Schumacher, MChE, PE, CFI, CFPS

President & Principal Engineer, AEI Corporation

Dennis Shelp, MS, PE, CFI, CFEI, CVFI

Vice President & Principal Engineer, AEI Corporation

Zachary Jason, PE, CFI, CFEI

Principal Engineer, AEI Corporation

Carol Chavez

Business & Marketing Director, AEI Corporation



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About AEI Corporation

Since 2005, AEI’s experts have utilized forensic engineering and their expertise to help determine the causes of incidents for a broad spectrum of clients.

AEI’s leadership team is comprised of John L. Schumacher, Dennis E. Shelp, and Zachary J. Jason. Founder John M. (Jay) Freeman continues to work as a full-time Senior Project Engineer.

AEI’s strengths include the versatility of its experts and the diversity of investigations where they can be of assistance. AEI is based in Littleton, CO, and performs investigations throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, with projects occasionally in Asia and Africa.

AEI’s 14,000+ square foot facility in Littleton, CO gives them the ability to facilitate and conduct large laboratory inspections. AEI has the right equipment to complete both demonstrative and non-destructive testing, including a Keyence microscope, FTIR, hood system, X-Ray, and much more.

AEI’s clients include, but are not limited to, propane and natural gas companies, gas appliance manufacturers, electrical utilities, electrical equipment manufacturers, law firms, insurance carriers, and representatives in the transportation industry. We know that successful forensic investigations begin with asking the right questions, and then following through until hidden causes are discovered and problems are solved.


8197 West Brandon Drive Littleton, CO 80125